Bosch akku trimmer easy 26 cm solo


  • Power For All (18V)
  • Cuts using a thread
  • Cutting width 26 cm
  • Incl. Charger

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Enjoy comfortable and convenient lawn trimming with the cordless EasyGrassCut 18-26. Well balanced and lightweight, it offers easy handling and cordless freedom for moving around freely. Its easy edging function within the upper handle facilitates changing from trimming to edging by simply pressing a button and turning the tool to edging. The tool’s semi-auto spool feeds the spool line at every trigger release. With fully charged battery, the trimmer can cut the edges of up to six tennis courts in one go.

  • Balanced and lightweight design for easy and comfortable handling
  • Easy edging function enables edging with a tap and a twist of the handle
  • Hassle-free, semi-auto spool eliminates the need for manual adjustments
  • Powerful enough to trim the edges of up to six tennis courts in one charge
  • Ideal for grass and weed cutting, lawn trimming, and edging


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