Bosch Indego M700


Model Name Bosch Indego M 700 (2022 model)
Brand Bosch
Gradient ± 27 %
Lawn complexity Simple, Complex
Dimensions 60 x 33 x 41 cm
Weight (approx.) 9,17 kg
App-control No
Mowing mode systematical “Lane by lane”
Cutting height 30-50 mm
Cutting width 19 cm
Mowing in rain No rain sensor
Charging time 75 min
Battery runtime 60 min
Battery type Lithium-ion (18 V / 2,5 Ah)
Battery guarantee 1 year
Product guarantee 2 years
Boundary option Boundary wire
Safety Anti-theft protection, PIN-Code, obstacle detection, multi sensors
Volume 61 dB
Special features • Navigation system “Logicut”: for efficient mowing lane by lane • Bosch auto calendar • multi-area mowing, spot mowing

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Your lawn will be reliably mowed “train by train” by the Bosch Indego M700. The grass is cut accurately on every exit. With the intelligent navigation system “LogiCut”, the robot mower mows twice as fast as robot grass cutter that proceeds at random. Equipped with an “auto calendar function”, the Bosch robot lawn mower optimally adapts its mowing frequency to the lawn. Bosch Indego M 700, as its name suggests, is suitable for areas up to 700 m2. Gradients of ± 27 % are driven on conscientiously. This Bosch robot mower model, is equipped with a brushless motor and a replaceable battery.


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