Bosch rundsav PKS 18 LI solo


  • Cordless circular saw PKS 18 LI – for precise, straight cuts and easy handling
  • Suitable for cutting laminate and squared timber, as well as cutting panel materials
  • Easy adjustment of the cutting depth and the miter angle – maximum cutting capacity up to 48 mm depth and miter cuts up to 36 mm (45 degrees)
  • Tried and tested CutControl function enables the saw to be guided precisely along the straight cutting line for additional precision
  • Clean working thanks to the integrated vacuum cleaner adapter

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Technical specification:

Type Circular saw
Feed With battery
Weight, kg 2.6
RPM, min-1 3800
Disc diameter, mm 150
Voltage, V 18
Battery type Li-Ion
Number of batteries in the set 0
Suitcase No
Maximum cutting depth 45 degrees, mm 36
Maximum cutting depth 90 degrees, mm 48
Disk center size, mm 16


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