Metabo HWW 6000/50 Inox Home Waterworks Pump


Automatic water supply, garden irrigation, groundwater pumping, pumping, pure water recirculation
Electronic button for automatic web of hydraulic equipment for switching, if a large amount of water jāpārsūknē
Metabo pump protection: LED display alerts you when the water pump is not to protect the pump from damage
high-performance multi-level pump with quiet operation
motor requires no maintenance
overload protection: protects the motor from overheating
High-quality non-slip gasket extending system lifetime
Durable stainless steel body
Separate water filling opening
water drain cover (can be removed without additional tools) – protects in case of frost
lawn watering with 1 to 4 single phase alternating watering

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Technical features:
Nominal power consumption 1300 W
Max. pump capacity 6,000 / 1,585 l / h
Max. pumping head of 55 m
Max. suction height 8 m
Max. pressure 5.5 bar
1.6 / 23.2 bar
5.5 / 79.8 bar
boiler capacity approx. 50 l
wheel bearing number 5
Weight 22.1 kg
cable length 1.5 m


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