• For automatic water supply, for garden irrigation and groundwater pumping as well as pumping, pumping empty, circulation of clear water
  • Pressure vessel for energy-saving and low-noise provision of water
  • Pressure switch for automatic activation of the domestic water system in case of increased water demand
  • Maintenance-free capacitor motor
  • Overload protection: protects the motor from overheating
  • High-quality slip seal system for long service life
  • For garden irrigation with 1 to 6 sprinklers
  • For single phase alternating current

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weight 39.9 kg
Cable length 1.5 m
Drive shaft Stainless steel
Pressure connection 1 “internal thread
Boiler steel
Mains voltage 220 – 240 V
Pump housing Gray cast iron
Suction connection 1 1/4 “internal thread
Max. Busy 5.1 bar
Absorbed Power 1,900 W
Number of running wheels 1
Boiler capacity Approx. 100 l
Max. Suction head 9 m
Max. Supply amount 9000 l / h
Max. Head 51 m
Nominal Recording Power 1900 W
Switch-on pressure Ca. 1.5 bar
Max Press 5.1 bar
Max. Capacity 9.000 l / h
Switch-off pressure Ca. 3.9 bar


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