Metabo Vacuum Cleaner AS 20 L


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The AS 20 L is a 220 to 240V 1200W all-purpose compact Vacuum Cleaner for use with liquids and dry solids with commercial registration. It features automatic shut-off that is disconnected while absorbing the suction flow as soon as the maximum filling height of the container is reached, special air cooling system for long service life of the powerful motor, sturdy and washable pleated filter with large surface against quick clogging, easy and quick filter change, option to wind up the cable, practical accessory case and storage area, Certified for extracting dust particles of dust class-L. Also suitable for absorbing non-flammable liquids, mobile use due to low weight and compact construction.
  • 35mm Diameter
  • 5m Cable length
  • 3600CFM Maximum air output
  • 3600cm² Filter surface


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